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This site is currently under construction. Eventually, it will contain a myriad of topics that I have mused upon while the blades of grass cut.

If you enjoy mmorpgs, but really can't devote 24/7 to them, check out: Fantasy Master Online, The World of Veild. It's a D&D-type game that stresses cooperation rather than competition -- in other words, you invite the other players to help you kill monsters instead of killing them.

I'm looking for a graphic artist who's willing to work for fame and recognition and can draw D&D non-anime style graphics. In other words, I cannot afford to pay, though one never knows what the future may hold. If interested, please contact me

If you are a javascript coder, see the Original grassBlade site, a site AOL was supposed to tear down years ago. Some of those below have been rewritten for the newer browsers.

If you run across any broken links, typos, and outright errors (or if you simply would like to comment on or suggest something), feel free to contact me